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PRS Solutions has a range of industrial lubricants, including speciality lubricants, open-gear lubricants, maintenance lubricants and food-grade lubricants.


Speciality lubricants are used where high pressure, extreme temperatures, very high speeds  or  other   extraordinary   stresses   exceed the   performance   limits   of   conventional lubricants

Our speciality lubricants are custom designed to create synergy effects - they not only reduce friction and wear and tear but also increase performance and service life of machinery.

Our speciality lubricants meet your unique needs like:

-  Extreme range of temperature from : -40 degrees C to 1100 degrees C;
-  Very high speeds, DN factor up to 1,000,000;
-  High loads, shock loads;
-  Operation under water/ sea water.

OPEN-GEAR Lubricants

Our BERULIT brand of open-gear lubricants have been developed and designed to be used in large open gears and/or gear drives. They reduce friction and wear and protect against corrosion. A selection of EP additives ensures that they withstand high loads at circumferential speeds and operate safely under severe service conditions.

Free from bitumen, chlorinated solvents and containing no toxic heavy metals, our Berulit range of open gear lubricants is used to lubricate open gear drives of ball mills and rotary kilns in the cement and lime industry, in drying plants, for gear drives in the mining industry as well as in the mineral processing industry.

The Berulit brand of open-gear lubricants protects your gear from the time it has been installed. They cover the entire gamut of operation of an open gear system - priming, running in and service.


The PRS Solutions range of maintenance products consists of convenience products. Whatever your need, there is an PRS Solutions product available.

From rust looseners to cleaners and degreasers to electrical contact cleaners to belt dressing to chain lubrication, PRS Solutions has a product for every need. These are available in easy to use aerosol cans.

FOOD-Grade Lubricants

Worldwide, the food industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technical appliances, treatment and processing machinery, for profitable, large scale production of food products. It is important therefore, that food and food processing machinery manufacturers have access to the best quality lubricants that are technically reliable, and hygienically safe for use.

Food and food associated processing plants are working harder and faster than ever before. Whether it is a beverage bottler, a diary, a confectionery manufacturer or an Ice cream manufacturer, they have to work more efficiently. Moving machine parts are subject to friction, which has a negative impact on the system's overall performance. Proper lubrication of this equipment at the appropriate time plays a major role in overcoming this. The lubricants used in the food processing plants have to meet not only the demanding performance requirements, but also the stringent safety measures associated with the food industry. Here comes the significance of food-grade lubricants, which are specially designed for use in food and associated industries.

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