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PRS Solutions has a wide range of electrical insulation tapes for a variety of applications, such as maintenance applications in manufacturing industries, insulation applications for coils, transformers and motors, etc. The speciality tapes category of PRS Solutions include double-sided tapes, application specific tapes, foam tapes, etc. for a variety of industries like printing, leather, automobile, etc.

Products from the 'Identification Labels and Solutions' category, offer a wide range of applications using the latest printing, adhesive-coating and finishing techniques. These products were innovated by PRS Solutions to cater a wide range of labels requirements for customer-specific needs in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), office equipment, consumer durable, automobile and various other industries.

In the 'Industrial Lubricants' categories, PRS Solutions offers speciality lubricants, open-gear lubricants, maintenance lubricants and food-grade lubricants.

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