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PRS Solutions offers a range of speciality double-sided adhesive tapes. The product and application range was widened gradually over the years. Today, PRS Solutions's range of speciality tapes includes double-sided tapes, application-specific tapes, foam tapes, etc., to name a few.

PRS Solutions offers speciality tapes for various industries like printing, leather, consumer durable, aerospace, etc. PRS Solutions has the capability of

supplying a wide range of custom-designed speciality tapes and double-sided tapes for any specific customer requirements.

Reinforcement Tapes for Leather Industry
Product Code Description Application
Light weight white nylon tape. 
Light weight black nylon tape.
Vamp reinforcement in shoe/shoe upper. Seam reinforcement in all kinds of leather goods during stitching.
P-630 S / P-631 S Light weight white / black nylon sheets with interliner. Ideal for punching to shape to reinforce soft leather.
P-643 / P-644 Medium weight white nylon tape.Medium weight black nylon tape. Vamp reinforcement in heavy shoes / shoe uppers. Top line reinforcement in all kinds of shoes.
P-600 Medium weight cotton tape. Reinforcement of front seams, side seams for economy models.
P-600 S Medium weight cotton tape with interliner. Ideal for punching to shape to reinforce soft leather.
P-645 Warp knit nylon tape. Highly conformable reinforcement for back seams of shoes / boots. Ideal for wrinkle resistant seams.
P-646 Polyester filament reinforced stay tape with liner. Ideal stay reinforcement tape. Also used for eyelets, straps, perforations etc.
P-658 Non-woven strong in both directions. Reinforcement of eyelets, straps, perforations. Available with release liner for die cutting to make stress point reinforcements.
P-678 Non-woven with adhesive on both sides. Strong in both directions. Reinforcement of eyelets/straps and perforations. Having adhesive on both sides it helps in positioning holding of leather.

Tapes for Printing Industry
Product Code Description Application
P-604 Double sided adhesive cotton tape with film interliner. Most popular tape for mounting of 'Stereos' during flexo printing. Proven and established tape for over 40 years. Natural and eco friendly cotton backing and rubber adhesive.
P-490 Double sided adhesive non-woven tape with paper interliner. Splicing of paper in newspaper / magazine / printing industry. Can be effectively used for flying splices as well.

Tapes for General Purpose Mounting / Holding Applications
Product Code Description Application
P-257 Double sided adhesive polyester tape with paper interliner. General purpose mounting / holding / splicing applications.
P-276 Double sided adhesive paper based tape with paper interliner. Eco friendly tape used for general purpose applications.
P-701/ P-705 Double sided 1mm thick white / black foam tapes with paper interliner. Mounting on rough surfaces. Also can absorb vibrations and reduce rattling noise.

Tapes for Automobile Industry
Product Code Description Application
P-480 Very high adhesion, temperature resistant, polyester based double sided tape with paper liner. Ideal tape for mounting / holding low energy parts like rubber, plastic, foam. Normally used in automobile industries.
P-703 N Double sided 1mm thick black foam tape with paper interliner. Excellent weatherability and suitable for outdoor application. Ideal tape for mounting emblems, logos and other parts on the inside / outside of automobiles.

Note :
1. Standard widths are 12.5mm, 19mm, 25mm. Special widths can be supplied as per minimum ordering quantities. Minimum width is 4mm.
2. Standard lengths -
a) P-701, P-705, P-703 N : 10m
b) P-630/P-631, P-643/P-644, P-630S/P-631S, P-645, P-646, P-658, P-678 : 20m
c) P-604, P-257, P-276, P-480 : 27m
d) P-600, P-490 : 55mm
3. Shelf life under ideal storage conditions (200C + 50C, 65 + 20 relative humidity) is 1 year.

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